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Facility Use requests must be submitted not less than 15 days prior to the event.

Requests can take up to 2 weeks for approval.

Notification of cancellations are required 5 or more days to permit event date to avoid full charges.

Due to the high volume of requests, please login to check the status of your request as well as upload insurance or other required documents.





All internal and external groups must submit their request via the online facility use scheduling system, not less than fifteen (15) days and no earlier than ninety (90) days before the desired use is to take place. All requests will be reviewed by the Use of Facilities office and decisions for approval will be based on the following criteria;

All applicants must:

*Be in good financial standing and all past due invoices are paid to current.

*All applicants must upload‚Äč proof of valid Certificate of Insurance (COI) verifying the Applicant has General, Professional, Automobile, Worker's Compensation and Sexual Abuse/Molestation liability. Coverages must be applicable to bodily injury and property damage, with a limit of liability of as least $1,000,000 per occurrence, $2,000,000 annual aggregate. Orange Unified School District, 1401 N. Handy Street, Orange, CA 92867, shall be named as the Additional Insured by the way of a specific Endorsement page.

*All applicants must be free of any school use of facilities citations, warnings or violations.

*All non-profit organizations or groups must upload a valid IRS form, 501(c3).







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