Facilities Use

The Athletics and Use of Facilities Department processes all requests for the use of District facilities and the posting of banners on District property.  

Our department ensures that all user groups are properly insured and meet all of the District policy requirements for use of school facilities, and coordinates with the Maintenance and Operations Department to ensure proper maintenance of the facilities.

The use of school property is governed by the Civic Center Act, California Ed Code 38130, and Orange Unified School District Board of Education.





Welcome to OUSD's Use of Facilities

Online Reservation System

We are now accepting reservations for Use of Facilities!

→ Please note all applications must be submitted on or before October 29, 2021


~ Reservations will not be considered when the Certificate of Liability Insurance is not valid for the complete term of the reservation request. 

~ All internal and external groups must submit their reservation request not less than fifteen (15) days prior to the desired use to take place. 

~ Cancellations are required five (5) days or more prior to the event date, to avoid full charges. Cancellations must be made within the reservation system to ensure communication reaches all necessary parties.

 ~ Applicants are required to upload proof of a valid Certificate of Liability Insurance policy and a specific Endorsement naming OUSD as an Additional Insured. Complete insurance requirements are available upon request.

~ Non-profit organizations are required to upload a valid IRS form, 501(c3).













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